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Fall 2019 Puppies: Topper X Tess

Puppy Pedigree:  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=941473

Wynwood's Over The Top MH **


Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH4 WCX ** OS HTHF X Wynwood's Gold Eagle Heartbreaker JH WCX


I had the pleasure of field training with Topper and his respected breeder, Renee Shulte in spring of 2019 in Alabama.  I loved this boy's easy going and happy temperament and his love of the game.  It was also great to watch how well he interacted with other dogs, and his constantly waggy tail no matter who he was with or what he was doing.  You cannot beat this boy's temperament!!!  Topper's structure is solid, well angulated with good bone and a lovely head and expression with great pigment. 

Topper has proven to be, from an early age, a real talent in the field. Only three years old, he is on the derby list in the States and has also completed his Master Hunter title in the States with exceptional work. Most recently, Topper came 3rd in the Horseshoe Retriever Club Qualifying stake and he qualified for and was invited to run the 2019 AKC Master National.   Love this boy!

Renee of Wynwood Goldens says about Topper:

"It was not my intention to keep a puppy from Topper’s litter but at seven weeks of age, he showed me a temperament, body style and structure that I could not pass up. He was the ‘stand out, eye catching’ pup in his litter.

Topper was very people oriented, following and interested in me from the start. Rough and tumble play between him and me was a game he enjoyed and he always came back for more attention. A confident puppy and avid retriever, he would not let his litter mates take the pigeon he had and would out run and manoeuvre them to keep possession of it.

Topper continued to show great ability in the field and at seven months of age went south with Pro Trainer, Mike Ough for eight months. Topper was trained to run field trial Derby Stakes and competed successfully. Earning two fourth placements, a Reserve Jam and a Jam in large competitive Derby competitions, earning him a place on the Golden Retriever Derby list.

Topper spent three months, when he was 2 ½ years old, with noted Pro Trainer, Andy Attar. Andy expressed that Topper had the best temperament of any Golden he had ever had in his kennel, always ready to do his work with effort and style. Topper also always got along wonderfully with ALL dogs when in a group in the airing yard.

Now three years old, Topper has obtained his Master Hunter title and is competing in field trial Qualifying Stakes.  He is a joy to live with, train and own. An enthusiastic handsome three year old with an impeccable temperament."



Topper with 16 Week Old Pup

Topper in Alabama 



Pedigree:  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=735489

Web site: http://www.wynwoodgoldenretrievers.com
CHIC Number: 128313
Hip clearance: OFA GR-121923G25M-VPI
Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE14471/24M-PI
Heart clearance: OFA GR-ACA2165/24M-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL41580M25-VPI
Dentition clearance: Full
prcd-PRA status: Paw Print Clear
PRA1 status: Paw Print Clear
PRA2 status: Paw Print Clear
Ichthyosis status: Paw Print Clear
DM status: Paw Print Clear
NCL status: Clear by parentage



Can GCh Morningstar Baroness O'Lynwood Can CDX MH WCX *** 



CanCH NMH GMH GMOTCh Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood Am MH CCA ***/Can WCX ** VCX 

X Morningstar Water Marker DS TKN SH WCX CCA



Tess came from a breeding done by respected breeder Ginnie Pastor of Morningstar Goldens in New York between my Baron (Can CH NMH2 GMH GMOTCH Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood AM MH CCA ** / Can WCX *** VCX) and her lovely Buoy (Morningstar Water Marker DS TKN SH WCX CCA).  Combining successful lines in several disciplines, Tess has inherited the structure, brains, biddability and superior water performance of both her sire and dam. 


Already a QAA Master Hunter, Tess earned her Grand Canadian Show Championship quickly this summer.  She came away from the June 2019 Erie Shores Dog Shore with a Specialty Winners Bitch Best of Opposite Sex win over 42 bitches for 5 points plus a second Winners Bitch win for an additional 5 points.  It took only two additional outings to complete her show titles to Grand. WOW. We are thrilled!! 


Tess is a stunner and she is super talented as well.  She won first place in a Canadian Qualifying field trial against 16 other dogs last summer at just two years old.  She has also earned her Master Hunter title with awesome performances plus her WCX in addition to her CDX Open obedience title. We will return to the obedience ring in the fall to work towards Utility. 


Trained and handled by me in field and obedience, she is living up to the high standard set by Baron. Her dam, Buoy, herself the product of a pedigree that offers strong water courage and honesty, has completed her American Senior Hunter and will continue on with her Master training.


Not only is Tess lovely and talented, she is also a great little companion.  She has a super on/off switch which allows her to be calm in the house and an energetic worker outside.  She is extremely smart and trainable and carries on her pedigree's water strength. She keeps her dad and us on our toes with her engaging, fun little personality.  She is a great traveller whenever we go away to train or compete and she fits in easily with other dogs wherever she goes.  Baron and she are constant companions and, in typical dad fashion, he lets her get away with anything she pleases. 




Tess Double Marks and Blind


Tess Novice Obedience Routine


Tess at 8 Months: Fun Intro to Back Pile Work



Pedigree: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=811661


Web site: http://www.lynwoodgoldens.ca/
CHIC Number: GR-DNA-3725/B
Hip clearance: OFA GR-122691F24F-PI
Eye clearance: OFA GR-EYE17488/33F-PI
Heart clearance: OFA GR-ACA2973/25F-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL42334F24-PI
Thyroid clearance: OFA GR-TH3319/12F-VPI
prcd-PRA status: Clear by parentage
PRA1 status: Paw Print Clear
PRA2 status: Paw Print Clear
Ichthyosis status: Paw Print Clear
NCL status: Clear 109892 University of Missouri



Email:  lynwoodgoldens@storm.ca

Perth, Ontario, Canada