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Morningstar Baroness O'Lynwood Can CD SH WCX ***


CanCH  NMH GMH  GMOTCh Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood Am MH CCA***/Can WCX ** VCX   X  Morningstar Water Marker DS WCX CCA








HIPS:  OFA GR-122691F24F-PI            


ELBOWS:  OFA 0:0 GR-EL42334F24-PI


PRCD-PRA:  Clear by Parentage              


PRA1 & PRA2:  Paw Print Clear


HEART:  OFA GR-CA21230/12M/C-VPI  




ICHTHYOSIS:  Paw Print Clear                


CLN5:  Univ. of Missouri Clear/Normal





Fun Introduction to Backpile at 8 Months Old


Tess Novice Obedience Routine



Tess is our newest little star.  She is living up to the high standard set by her dad (Baron) by winning first place in a Canadian Qualifying field trial against 16 other dogs at just 2 years old.  I hope to finish up her Can QFTR title in 2019.  She also passed her WCX plus all her hunt tests consecutively through Junior and Senior and finished up the season in 2018 by passing her first Master test with flying colours.  We are now spending the winter months working on obedience and will be back as early as we can in the spring to continue our progress in the field, both in Canada and the US.


Tess is not only cute as a button, but she has talent and is a lovely little companion.  She has a great on/off switch which allows her to be calm in the house and an energetic worker outside.  She is extremely smart, biddable and trainable and, like her dad, has great water courage. She keeps her dad and us on our toes with her engaging little personality.  She is a great traveller whenever we go away to train or compete.  Baron and she are constant companions and, in typical dad fashion, he lets her get away with anything she pleases. 


Thank you so much to Ginnie Pastor of Morningstar Goldens for seeing the value of and choosing to breed to my talented boy and allowing me to have this wonderful little girl.  Ginnie's experience and wisdom have been invaluable. 


Tess will be bred in 2019 with puppies going to companion/hunting/performance homes.





Email:  lynwoodgoldens@storm.ca

Perth, Ontario, Canada