OTCh Laurel's Meadowlark at Lynwood WCX SH (2 legs MH)






Laurel was my heart girl.  She inherited her sire and dam's strong conformation, lovely expression and sweet personality.   We were very proud when Laurel came 4th in a class of 22 open girls at the 2010 Canadian Golden Retriever National Specialty under International judge Carole Gilbert.  Her comments were: "Well handled by her very young handler this pretty blond lady impressed on the move; I see she is the mother of my Best Puppy and she has definitely passed this on to her daughter.  She also has a strong level topline and an appealing head."


Like her mom, dad and litter mates, Laurel was a confident girl with a rock solid personality.  She excelled at everything she did whether it was obedience, field or just being a wonderful companion.  Laurel had obtained her OTCh obedience championship and her Senior Hunter certificate as well as 2 legs towards her Canadian Master Hunter.            





Abnalls Edison TDI



UK SHCH Kulawand Summer Magic x UK SHCH Westley Alexandra of Abnalls

English Import, May 29, 1999 - September 6, 2011



CH Tyrol Ambassador CD WC JH 


UK  IR CH Papeta Philosopher x Strathearn Golden Flower Of Mandingo  

  Irish Import, June 24, 1995 - August 17, 2009



With great excitement Peter and I collected Liam from Michael and Mary Gaffney of Tyrol kennels in Cork Ireland 14 years ago when he was just 10 weeks old.  He truly was the most beautiful puppy and the Irish charmer that won my heart. He became known for the lipstick mark that seemed to be a permanent fixture on his forehead.  Liam's dad, ENG IR CH Papeta Philosopher, won BOB at Crufts in 1994 and is listed as an outstanding sire in Great Britain. He is also a designated hip-improver.  Liam obtained his own Canadian Championship in just a few shows before he was three. In limited showing he had to his credit three Best of Breeds, one Best of Winners and one Group Third.  He earned his CD with three High in Classes, his WC and Junior Hunter.   

Liam had many endearing qualities.  Supremely clever, he developed a habit on his own of gingerly and gently picking the scrungies out of girls' hair when they walked past him on the grooming table at shows.  He also taught himself to do a "pretty sit" which he knew would generally get him any treat that was going.  Liam was a good retriever and it was with him that I discovered field work.  He had great perseverance and would run or swim through bush, swamp, bullrushes - anything to get the duck.  But he did it at his own pace and in his own way.  I would send Liam out to pick up a duck on a water mark and would then turn and advise the judge to take a smoke break.  I remember one water mark on a Junior Hunter test where he literally disappeared behind some bullrushes for a good 4 minutes - only to reappear with the duck firmly clenched in mouth slowwwwwwly swimming back to me.  He passed the test but the judge did ask me how old he was!    

Liam had some not so endearing qualities as well - like taking on porcupines to the end.  Needless to say, several operations later left us a little poorer and Liam with likely a few quills still roaming around his body. 
In his later years Liam became known in our household as "the union foreman".   Even until recently, whenever the nails clippers came out, he would hover and watch closely as I lined the other dogs up and clipped each of their toe nails in turn.  If someone squeaked (which does not necessarily mean hurting anyone with my household of wimps) he would immediately try to manoeuver himself between me and the "victim".
The night my Irish terrorist left us a beautiful rainbow appeared over our house.  I choose to believe that it was Liam telling me that he is still watching over us.
Our beautiful Liam is gone.  I loved him dearly.

Liam's Pedigree              Liam's Pics


CH Gerrett's Wind Beneath My Wings CD 


USA CH OTCH Camrose Betimmy x CAN CH Sherhaven Rimfire Idol Eyes CD.

January 18, 1993 - March 14, 2008


Best of Winners, 1995

Skye was our gentle boy. He was lovingly bred by Cheryl Whittle of Gerretts kennels in Ontario. He received his Canadian championship in one weekend in Oshawa, Ontario in 1995 when he was three years old.  This boy's structure was superb and his personality was the sweetest any could be.  He also loved retrieving but could never quite get used to the loud noises of the guns.

Gentle with everyone and everything, one of my favourite pictures of any of our dogs is the one of Skye nose to nose with a baby groundhog that I fostered.  Skye had not the least bit of interest in harming the groundhog - he was only interested in eating the carrot that he had.  Our dear Skye - another beautiful and gentle star. 

Skye's Pedigree          Skye's Pics



ENG CH Sansue Golden Ruler x Debric`s Hope of Fernavy JW


English Import, August 28, 1988 - April 19th, 2003

Sleep well my beautiful Bailey

Bailey was bought as a pet when Peter and I visited England in 1988 and discovered and fell in love with the beautiful English Golden Retriever. He came from Erica Ward's Fernavy kennels and is the one who started us on what has become our hobby and obsession. Bailey will always be my first love.. Everyone who met Bailey loved him and commented on how beautiful he was. He is and always will be number one. Look at that expression and you can see what was in this boy`s heart!