Abnalls Edison TDI



UK SHCH Kulawand Summer Magic x UK SHCH Westley Alexandra of Abnalls

English Import, May 29, 1999 - September 6, 2011


"Reserve" Canadian National Specialty, 2007



Callum came to  us from Abnalls kennels outside Birmingham, England. Abnalls was the proud owner of Callum`s mom, ENG SH CH Westley Alexandra of Abnalls, top winning bitch in UK in 1998.  Callum's dad was beautiful ENG SH CH Kulawand Summer Magic. 

Callum was elegance personified.  He was a lstunning boy boy with a lovely expression and a neck that flowed into great layback and angulation.  Watching Callum move was a joy as he was so smooth and correct.  Callum was our certified therapy dog and he made regular visits with Susan to Ottawa hospitals for several years where he brought pleasure to many with his gentle ways. 

Callum left us in September, 20011 from cancer that had struck his elbow and spread.  It was a very sad day for us when this beautiful boy went away.  We miss him deeply.

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